Our why...

Our why...

As a mummy of two beautiful girls, my passion for discovering products that were both eco-friendly and practically beneficial for my family and our needs, began first out of necessity. After a challenging two pregnancies consisting of numerous health concerns including Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I became an advocate for natural alternatives that worked to protect my children and my home ... Bringing together my love for natural remedies & the craftsmanship that comes when you shop small Wellness Home & Life was created. ..

It is my greatest hope that you will be able to discover a diverse range of items  that will not only enrich the lives of both you and your family, but support the health and wellbeing of the ones you love most.     - Rebecca x

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Smoothie style silicone drinking straws! You can't get better than that! Not only are these straws bright, colourful and eco-conscious, they are SAFE! 

These super cute, flexible straws will last you a lifetime without polluting the environment and while protecting your teeth. Perfect for kids and adults!

- 100% Food Grade BPA FREE Silcone (don't be fooled by cheap (toxic)  imitations on the market)

- Easy to clean

- Dishwasher & steriliser

- Soft & Flexible, perfect for 'chewers' - safe on teeth

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A Little About Our Packaging

We are committed to looking after the globe and the animals and humans that inhabit it. The average Australian sends 1.5 tonnes of  waste to landfill every year – we want to change that, and are therefore phasing out all unnecessary packaging. This means that many of the products we stock will be sent to you ‘nude’, just as you see in the product images. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience – we are also partial to fancy packaging