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How to Remove Blu-Tac from Carpets

How to Remove Blu-Tac from Carpets



How to remove BLU-TAC from your carpets quick and easy!


Blu-tac - the enemy of all carpets! There is nothing worse than finding a blob of blu-tac squished into your nice clean carpets. Recently we have just moved house. We have brand new carpet throughout and to my horror, I found a blob of blu-tac squished into my nice, clean, brand new carpet! I spent so long trying to pick it out of the carpet. Nothing was working. I consulted Google, still nothing worked. Then I remembered that Lemon Essential Oil removes glue and sticky residue. I thought, it couldn't hurt. I dropped a few drops of pure Lemon Oil onto the Blu-tac and used a stiff brush over the top. Guess what! The Blu-tac lifted immediately off the carpet! I then used a small amount of vinegar and bicarb to clean the oil off the carpet and it looked brand new! You wouldn't even know that it happened! It is important to note that you must use pure essential oil. Cheaper oils have many synthetic compounds in them which can stain and discolour fabric, carpets and material. Using pure essential oil will ensure that there are no stains left. *Always patch test in an inconspicuous area first. 


You can purchase our Organic Lemon essential oil from our store here !

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