So what's the difference?

So what's the difference?

One question I get asked almost daily is “what is the difference between a vapourizer and an ultrasonic diffuser?”

Traditionally vapourizers are used in children’s bedrooms for coughs, colds and congestion. They’ve been the go-to ‘natural’ treatment for decades. However, times have changed. Vapourisers have been found to do more harm than good. Let me explain.

Vapourisers use large amounts of water and a heat element to create a hot steam which is dispersed throughout the room. The large quantity of water in conjunction with the heat creates a wet, damp environment. The walls, as well as the carpet, curtains, mattresses etc become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould growth. Mould spores can grow underneath your paint without you even knowing that it is there! This in turn creates a vicious cycle of sickness. This can wreak havoc with those who have asthma and breathing difficulties.

Our ultrasonic diffusers by Lively Living use state of the art technology to create a cool, safe mist! Not only do they only use a small amount of water, the mist creates no condensation on the walls which means no dampness, germs, mould and bacteria growth. Our complete range of ultrasonic diffusers all offer five-in-one functionality. They are an air purifier, humidifier, ultrasonic diffuser/vapouriser, ioniser and calming night light.

The ultrasonic vibrations retain essential oils in their 100% purest form. Once they are dispersed into the atmosphere, they are easily inhaled and absorbed, offering amazing health and healing benefits. The ioniser helps to remove dust, germs and bacteria in the air. Therefore assisting breathing, as well as improving sleep and enhancing general well-being. The air purifier removes allergens, stale air and odours. Paired with our essential oil blends our diffusers will also assist to cleanse and purify air-borne bacteria with the natural antiseptic properties in the essential oils.

Swapping our your traditional vaporisers will ensure that your family is kept healthy and your rooms free from dampness, mould and bacteria. Teaming one of our state of the art diffusers with one of our essential oil blends will provide added health benefits to support emotional health to clearing the airways and supporting the respiratory system.


Until next time. .


Rebecca x


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