Start your day the JOCO way.

Start your day the JOCO way.
If you were to peer into my kitchen window, bright and early Monday morning, there would small suggestions, inklings, of the controlled chaos that is our daily routine. With most days beginning with all five of us up and out the door by 7 am, the rush to get two cranky babies (not to mention our actual children!) clean, clothed, and ready for the day, can prove to be a harrowing event. But there is one sure sign to decipher the success of our daily grind – the cold cup of coffee sitting untouched on the sink. I often feel sorry for this lone latte; it’s sad and pointless fate decided before my husband even pushes go on the espresso machine. It’s not the coffee’s fault that in the constant go of my morning I neglect to factor in time to skull the now tepid beverage my husband so lovingly prepared. Quite often it comes down to a battle of priorities; leave home with a towel on my head, or, drink life-giving nectar. Thanks to social standards, the wet hair usually wins. So there sits my unloved and untouched skinny-latte-with-one, a symbol of the sacrifices one makes as a mother… or limp hair sufferer. On a good day, a rare oasis of order, I find a moment in the AM scramble to enjoy the warm comforting arms of hot coffee, but just like that the moment passes and I’m back to reheating or forsaking my good ol’ cup of jo.

If this is sounding somewhat pathetic I will gladly admit that pre-babies I would never have longed for the pleasure of a leisurely morning cuppa, because the idea of doing anything else to start my day was a foreign concept. Who were those people I saw rushing to the train, reusable cup in hand? How could their morning be so hazardous that they couldn’t even stop to drink their cappuccino in peace, that they were forced to make their caffeine portable? It seemed to me a little beside the point. But then I became a mother, and my treasured morning ritual became a cold glass sitting in an empty sink. Pathetic? Definitely. Permanent? Thankfully, no.

Because with one simple change, the introduction of the gorgeous JOCO Reusable Glass Cup, I revolutionised not only my morning routine but how I enjoy all my hot drinks. In fact when I mentioned this blog to my husband, and the ease with which I adapted the JOCO into my life, his immediate response was one agreement, “yeah”, he said, “you actually finish your coffee now!” And he was right, with one change, one cup, I had gone from a serial beverage abandoner to not only consumer my coffee in full, but consuming it HOT. Because while also looking sleek and stylish (every girls must have!) the beautiful hand blown glass of the JC cup keeps your drinks feeling hotter for longer. Reclaiming the lost moments of my morning that once prevented me from truly enjoy the java, but with the JOCO, those moments are more than enough. For with its beautiful appearance comes a practicality that everybody with a busy day can appreciate, an anti-splash ergonomic lid. And if the proof was in the coffee, a rushed day-care drop-off and slightly mangled traffic light mascara application, was the ultimate test. Still, despite all obstacles, the only thing to arrive calm, collected, and smudge free that morning was the still warm JOCO, sitting proudly in the central cup holder.

Yet I was to discover even more reasons to love my glass bestie, when I visited my local caffeine dealer for a sneaky second shot of the day. Now I’m not what you could call ‘environmentally sensitive’, and I’m most definitely not pitching a tent in the activist camp – although I highly applaud those who do. It’s just not where my passion lies. But that said hand me a petition and I’ll sign it, point me in the direction of a local market, and I’ll shop there, find me an artist made BPA, lead, and cadmium free reusable cup, and I’ll use it. The fact that my local café charges less per takeaway when I bring in my JOCO – extra benefit. Because they did! My usual $4.20 buzz hit became a mere $3.70, a saving I did not turn my nose up at. A little in my pocket, and a whole heap of good for mother nature. And does that make the brew taste all that sweeter? The regular teaspoon of sugar now missing from my cup would suggest so. And with the very last drop drained, and my morning hustle reclaimed, I popped my pink silicone sleeved mug into the dishwasher without a second thought. For along with looking fabulous, saving the environment, and proving the backbone to my day, this FDA approved, non-porous borosilicate glass beauty is also dishwasher and microwave safe. Every busy mumma’s dream.

So ladies, gents, lovers of hot drinks, say goodbye to half drunk cups scattered around your home, and hello the JOCO – the saviour of coffees everywhere.

Click HERE to see more JOCO goodness! 
El xo

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  • Eleanor Howe
Comments 10
  • Susannah

    I’ve never used these before but recently I’ve been wanting to. I’m using re-useable bags for my shopping too, trying to reduce waste!

  • Susannah

    I’ve never used these before but recently I’ve been wanting to. I’m using re-useable bags for my shopping too, trying to reduce waste!

  • Jan Withers
    Jan Withers

    Love your beautuful Joco Cups. I’d love pale blue! Would be proud to hand it ti the Barista for a fill-up. ??

  • Chamaree Jasintha
    Chamaree Jasintha

    Thank you very much for giving us a opportunity to win this cute cup.
    Really good investment and eco friendly. Plus it saves 50c each day when buying a coffee. Looks like you can hold it without burning your hand.

  • Shareen Frost
    Shareen Frost

    Thank you for inventing such a very everyday useful product. I usually leave half a coffee gone cold sitting on the bench untouched. My hectic mornings with 2 boys of my own. This Joco coffee mug would be the best everyday item for me to carry in the car and to visit my local coffee shop in town for a refill!

  • Diane

    After watching War on waste, this is a great way to make a conscious decision to look after our environment…one coffee at a time…

  • Mei

    I’d love to win the 12oz Mint Joco Cup because I want to help the environment by reducing my usage on takeway coffee cups!

  • Judith Ann Bryant
    Judith Ann Bryant

    Looks great. Can’t wait to try one.

  • Samantha

    I am always leaving half of my coffee due to it going cold, while being busy with our new baby and our special needs son. Joco cups ensure i get to drink all of my coffee and not waste it like normal.

  • Louise


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