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What are you breathing in?

What are you breathing in?

Quite often I get asked about the benefits of essential oils vs fragrance oils for our diffusers. Let me first start off by saying that whatever you put into your diffuser will enter you body within seconds. Literally within 2 seconds. Would you want to have synthetic fragrance made from God-knows what, surging through the atmosphere, and into your body, or would you prefer to support your health with natural, organic, 100% pure essential oils?

It’s not a tough decision is it!

Let’s talk about our diffusers first. Our Ultrasonic Diffuser range uses state of the art technology to turn cool water, into a cool mist. It does this by creating millions of vibrations that change the molecular properties of water form a liquid, into a mist, and it takes with it, anything that you place in the water. When you add your drops of oil into the water, each single molecule of water is coated with the oil. The diffusers mist is then sent into the atmosphere where it enters our noses and is instantly absorbed into our bodies. Not only that, it sit on our skin, clothes and hair. It goes on our furniture, carpets, curtains and mattresses. It is everywhere.

When you consider that alone, it makes sense to ensure that what you are adding into your diffuser is only the purest of oils. Free from synthetic properties, artificial fragrances and chemicals.

There are many fragrance oils on the market sold for diffusers. They are completely unnatural. They do not contain any health benefits whatsoever. They have been known to create oily residue on furniture, carpets and walls and have even induced asthma attacks. These are commonly used to create a strong aroma in the home, much like a candle. Commonly, these oils are used to create scented candles.

Ensure that what you are putting in your diffuser is natural for the health of you and your loved ones. Ask yourself what you're putting in your diffuser.. something natural or a chemical cocktail?

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