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Woohoo! A blog about sweating. Naturally.

Woohoo! A blog about sweating. Naturally.

When I was twelve, I was given my first roll-on deodorant, a not so subtle suggestion from my mother as I was apparently, in her words, “starting to smell like a lady.” While personally unaware of my newly emitting odour, I assumed from the uncomfortable expression on my mother’s face that although I may not be able to detect my scent, it was not an agreeable smell. And what’s more, in my new season of blooming, this particular milestone was an undesirable trait for a woman and something that must be avoided at all costs, Impulse Body Spray, or Britney Spears perfumes. And so began my now sixteen-year-old relationship with antiperspirant – specifically, Rexona Women Classic, roll on, for a subtle yet precise application. It also gave me the confidence that if in a moment of sheer madness, I felt like partaking in some form of exercise, my armpits would be prepared. While this event yet to happen, the opportunity is always there, and it’s a comfort to know that at least my sweat-stick was sporty. 

So when Mumma Bec suggested that I road test a natural alternative, the Woohoo Deodorant Paste, I’ll admit I was a little sceptical. Although a huge fan of naturopathic practices and remedies, the concept of an odour neutralising paste seemed to conjure up an image of a hippy commune and prairie dresses. Not my usual stomping ground. But I supposed, that if I did find myself donning a moo-moo and heading off into the desert, I was sure this vegan product and winner of “Best Natural Deodorant 2017” was going to be the first thing I’d pack. So I decided to give it a whirl. And thankfully my body provided the perfect opportunity to evaluate the three samples I'd received.

Beginning with a nasty ingrown hair (ew) and a painful mid-night scratch of my already irritated-freshly-shaven-pit, the concept of rolling over my sore spot the following morning, was far from appealing. After all, for us sensitive skinned gals, lesson number one in post shave care is never apply anything to the newly hairless area to prevent any potential stinging or discomfort. As such I found myself in a rare position of an experiment – what if I test drove my Woohoo on my arm-pit of pain, while sticking (sticking- get it?!) to my good ol’ regular rexy on the other? What if I trialled it for a week? And what if I got my oh-so-obliging husband to smell test the two?! Genius. Thus the plan was hatched, and I applied my first spatula of ‘Urban’ – it’s the red one. On first sight, I was pleasantly surprised: with the paste a soft and smooth consistency, and a scent that reminded me of the warmth of a day-spa. I was already feeling swayed in my gamble. After all, it’s hardly a choice when presented with a slightly sporty accent and the perfume of calming essential oils.

And just FYI – the other two scents on offer, ‘Wild’ and ‘Mellow,’ are both just as yummy; the former fresh and citrus like, while the latter, being Bicarb free, is simple yet classic.

What’s more, as I began my usual routine of a one-woman Mexican wave, the one we do to help aid underarm drying before donning clothes (admit it – you do it too!), I noticed that my Woohoo arm was already completely absorbed, leaving no sticky residue to rub off on my top. In fact, while roll-on was still slightly wet to touch, pasty had left my skin feeling smooth and irritation free.

I was beginning to see the appeal.

But this was freshly showered and the day barely began, I was certain that this morning love fest could only end in a stinky sweaty mess. Literally. Because as a mummy of three under five, I make my deodorant work for a living. Did I mention it was also December, two weeks before Christmas, the fortnight in which all of our babies have birthdays? Just the very thought of the descent into New Years is enough to break me out in a hot flash, an experience I had hoped to delay until I became a woman of a certain age. You get the picture.

If ever there was a time of year that I need a hand in the wiffy department, it was now.

So it was after a particularly productive day of shopping and constructing seemingly endless party bags that I tempted (bribed) my supportive spouse into smelling my days work. To the joy of us both, particularly my husband’s nose, my activities had left one arm dry and with only a slight and refined hint of perspiration, while the other had the usual evidence of a busy day, and the pong to go with it. But what surprised me the most was not the arm left residue free (Woohoo!), but my usual antiperspirant, and the thin film of roll on still sitting on the surface of my skin.

And for the first time, I realised I never actually knew what I had been applying daily to my body. None, nothing, nought. What’s more, after only one day of trying an alternative and natural solution I was blown away by the results.

How quickly had my normal, the usual, the mainstream been unveiled as not THE choice, but merely a choice. A choice that had lead me to regularly and lethargically coat my body in aluminium salts and alcohol, clogging my pores and blocking my sweat glands. Ick! Needless to say, throughout the week of use, my hesitations were replaced by exhilaration and my bathroom cabinet emptied of speed sticks and replaced with multiple Woohoos.

Because the incredible thing about this natural wonder is it only gets better and more absorbent the longer you use it! As your body adjusts, so does the paste. It’s really that amazing. So while I no longer have the slight aroma of physical exercise to my person, the distant hint of athleticism that my roll on provided, I now have a product that is as adaptable and efficient as my body requires.

So mum, while the wisdom of your nose may have introduced me to the importance of deodorant, Woohoo has now provided the next stage of my ‘smell-ucation,’ working with my lady smell, and not against it. And that is what I'll be subtly passing to my daughter when in time she too begins to stink.

Get a little Woohoo in your life here!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Eleanor Wellness Home and Life

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