Your vapouriser could be harming your baby!

Your vapouriser could be harming your baby!

Your vapouriser could be harming your baby!

Did you know that traditional vapourisers use heat and large quantities of water to make steam? This large quantity of water and heat creates mould spores that grow underneath paint, in carpet, mattresses, curtains, toys and more. It causes significant bacteria growth which in turn creates more sickness and health issues as well as leaving everything wet.


All of our ultrasonic diffusers use state of the art technology which creates a cool mist by using millions of tiny vibrations. These vibrations change the molecular properties of the water to create a cool, safe mist. The ioniser purifies the air you breathe. It is safe and effective! Not only are our ultrasonic diffusers cool mist vapourisers, they are an ioniser, air purifier, aroma diffuser, humidifier and calming night light.  Perfection! 


View our range of Ultrasonic Diffusers here! 

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