Your Winter Miracle!

Your Winter Miracle!

With the cold of Winter well and truly upon us, colds, sniffles and sickness is well and truly upon our doorstep, the Snotty Electric Nasal Aspirator will be your winter lifesaver! 

As a mother myself of young children, having a baby who is sick is not pleasant for anyone! Having a baby that is struggling to breathe means that they will also struggle to sleep and eat as well. That is where the Snotty Electric Nasal Aspirator will become your best friend over this Winter season! The Snotty is the natural and healthy way to help clear your children's congestion quick and easily without the need for expensive replacement parts. 

As you know, newborns, infants and most toddlers are unable to blow their noses. With their noses blocked, you will experience a multitude of problems and complications. Snotty will help clear your child's nose within seconds. 

The Snotty helps sleep ... by removing nasal congestion and allowing your child to sleep properly. Preventing long term congestion will mean that your child's sickness will not lead to accumulative fatigue, both for you and your child. 

The Snotty helps feeding ... Babies are unable to feed when congested as they do not have the ability to suck/breathe at the same time. The Snotty will remove this congestion allowing baby to eat properly, not lose weight and remain hydrated!


Not only does the snotty help your child breathe better, sleep better and eat better, clearing the nasal passages prevents your child from swallowing the mucus, which in turn can avoid secondary infections. 


There are many nasal aspirators on the market today. How do you know you're getting the right one?

The Snotty Three has undergone stringent testing to ensure that it meets the required testing and certification to highest ISO and CE standards. Snotty aspirators are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a medical device in Australia. With regulated suction, you know that your baby is safe at all times. 

Click here to find out more about our Snotty Nasal Aspirator!

Get prepared this Winter and get yourself a Snotty! 




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