Introducing the very popular and exciting RePlay bowls, plates, spill-proof cups, forks, spoons, tumblers, snack cups and teething keys! Each one of RePlay's products are made from BPA-free recycled plastic milk containers. They come in a rainbow of food-safe colours and are built to last.

So Why are these products so great?

Replay is not only affordable, but is made to last!

The thickness and durability of our product designs have been proven to last families through multiple children without wear or fading. All of our products are dishwasher and microwave safe. You can even run over our divided plate with a car without causing damage! Pretty neat huh!?!

Each item is made using recycled milk jugs - meaning that you are saving the planet whilst feeding your kids! 

RePlay as a company are ethical and sustainable down to their very foundation. RePlay are the best choice.

Safe. Fun. Durable. Ethical. That is RePlay!


RePlay Recycled Tableware

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