About Us

 Wellness Home & Life is based in Melbourne Victoria, & was inspired, created and founded by myself, Rebecca.
As a mummy of two beautiful girls, my passion for discovering products that were both eco-friendly and practically beneficial for my family and our needs, began first out of necessity.
After a challenging two pregnancies consisting of numerous health concerns including Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I became an advocate for natural alternatives that worked to protect my children and my home during the precious season of newborn goodness, and subsequent ongoing personal recovery. After copious hours spent scouring the internet, I couldn’t help feel a deep desire to take my enthusiasm for innovative and conscientious companies and start my own business.
Bringing together my love for organic remedies and the craftsmanship that comes when you shop small and buy handmade products. It is my greatest hope that here at Wellness Home & Life, you will be able to discover a diverse range of items (all selected, trialled, and loved by myself and amazing team) that will not only enrich the lives of both you and your family, but support the health and wellbeing of the ones you love most.
Don’t forget to join our mailing list for all the latest and up-to-date WHL news or pop over to our blog to get an in-depth review of the products that we’re lovin.’ Thank you for supporting my family, my journey, and my business. I hope you enjoy browsing all things Wellness Home & Life, that you may discover here my love for the inspired, and my enthusiasm to see all families thrive. 
Thank you for visiting our store and supporting small business. 
Love Rebecca x