Nursing Pad Care


Simple Tips to Care for Your Nursing Pads

Here a couple of tips to look after your Nursing Pads.. . 

Our Nursing Pads increase their absorbency after a few washes.
Washing your Nursing Pads in a mesh lingerie bag keeps them all together and stops them from disappearing into the great laundry abyss!

* Machine wash with minimal detergent and similar colours
*Do not use fabric softener as it inhibits absorbency
*Line dry, or pop in the dryer. Our nursing pads are dryer safe
Ensure that you change your Nursing Pads often, especially when wet, to ensure that your skin stays healthy and dry.

Wash. Dry. Use. Repeat


Deep Cleaning

Nursing Pads benefit from a simple deep clean every few months to maintain their absorbency. Deep cleaning strips any oil and detergent build up that may occur over the course of wearing and washing them.

*Wash your Nursing Pads in a cold wash cycle with no detergent
*Mix 1-2 tablespoons of washing liquid into a bucket of hot water (You will want your washing liquid to have no conditioners in it. Cheap washing liquid works best)
*Soak and massage each pad with the hot water mix. Ensuring that the soap penetrates all the way into the inner layers of the pad.
*Finally wash in another cold wash cycle.
*Line dry or pop into the dryer.
*Repeat every few months.